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Gwen Holliday,
Vice President

"There are so many places in DC where talk is mistaken for action. DCI is different. Our culture places a premium on making things happen and getting real results for our clients."

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DCI Digital

Today’s issue campaigns require a digital component. But online advocacy shouldn’t stand on its own, isolated from the other aspects of your campaign. Rather, it needs to be integrated into the overall effort.

By investing in the tools and staff to conceive and execute great digital work, DCI offers our clients the specialized skill set necessary without needing to add a niche vendor to the mix. This ensures that online and off-line strategies work hand-in-hand to achieve the desired results.

DCI’s Digital Team follows this approach:

  • Observe what other similar organizations are already doing
  • Listen to what the potential target audience is saying
  • Engage those who are already discussing key issues
  • Target likely potential supporters with your online messaging
  • Organize your audience to cultivate online supporters
  • Motivate your supporters to take action in support of your goals
  • Evaluate the success of your program and constantly adjust as needed

By implementing a carefully crafted program that incorporates these seven steps, DCI’s Digital Team partners with clients to effectively generate a powerful online grassroots and media campaign.