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Susan Reiche,

"Our network of more than 1500 field consultants is best-in-class. Whether it's grassroots specialists or PR people or lobbyists, we assemble great teams for our clients."

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Field Force

Elected officials respond to constituents. If you can have an impact in someone’s home state, then your chances of winning their support increases dramatically.

We’ve developed a global network of more than 1500 public affairs professionals – grassroots specialists, PR experts, and local lobbyists. This deep, bi-partisan bench allows us to build a custom field team for each client’s specific needs. Activities the field force undertakes include:

  • Coalition building and third-party work
  • Recruiting local subject matter experts
  • Arranging face-to-face meetings with elected officials and staff
  • Events and town hall meetings
  • Generating direct contact – phone calls, letters and emails – from key community leaders

There’s no substitute for grassroots/grasstops activity on the home front – input from real people that cuts through the clutter and resonates with elected officials.