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Craig Stevens,
Vice President

"The subject matter expertise our team brings to our clients is second-to-none. We work hard; we know our stuff; and it allows us to add real value."

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Public Relations

There have never been more ways to ensure your side of the story is told. Media is more fragmented than ever, and that’s both a challenge and an opportunity for corporations. Threats can materialize instantaneously, and yet options for you to respond have never been better.

DCI Group offers clients both traditional and new media public relations as part of a collection of services designed to ensure your messages are heard around the world.

Our job is to develop the right message and ensure that message is delivered by a credible source, in the right media venue. Whether it’s securing subject matter experts to appear on CNN/FoxNews…or ensuring that bloggers tell your side of the story…or promoting white papers that aid your cause…we have the in-house capacity to get your message across to your target audience in the best way possible.