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Catherine Summa joined DCI Group in 2021 and is a Director on the Digital Team. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and educated and trained in Washington, DC, Catherine has a deep understanding of what it means to bring technology and policy together. She has worked at multiple digital grassroots agencies before coming to DCI Group, and she has spent her career helping clients achieve their policy goals by leveraging tools from the vast digital media landscape. At DCI, Catherine continues building on her experience working with highly regulated industries, and she consults on and executes digital strategies for clients across topic areas and disciplines. Personally, she has a keen interest in health policy and public health issues. She believes that the most successful campaigns utilize the full digital funnel, from branding and web design to analysis and reporting; this is a belief that she lives out with her proficiency in tools ranging from Google Data Studio and WordPress to ad buying on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Catherine spent her college years at Georgetown University, where she double-majored in Psychology and Studio Art, two subjects that helped her thoroughly understand human perception. In her free time, she enjoys lap swimming, visiting the Hirshhorn Museum, and trying new restaurants.

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