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Stacey Chamberlin

Vice President

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Since joining DCI Group in 2004, Stacey Chamberlin has served clients’ public affairs needs by providing strategic insight into the field of stakeholder outreach and mobilization, relationship and reputation management, and coalition building. Ms. Chamberlin provides clients with a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the activist and think tank communities inside the Beltway and outside it in the states.

Stacey’s work at DCI Group challenges her thinking and causes her to find new ways of solving problems. Her campaign management and tactical execution has helped clients secure legislative, regulatory, and public opinion successes. She has worked in and represented clients in tax, healthcare, consumer products, education, telecommunications, financial, and technology fields.

Prior to joining DCI Group, Stacey was the project coordinator at a leading political advocacy organization. While managing policy, press, and outreach initiatives, she was also responsible for a 5,000-attendee grassroots annual conference – the largest gathering of its type.

Stacey earned a master’s degree from The George Washington University and is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. A native of the Detroit, Michigan area she is a patriotic Detroit sports fan and is known for her love of all things Michigan. In fact, she’d take snow over summer any day of the week. She lives in the City of Falls Church, Virginia, with her family.

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