Meet Our People

Gwen Holliday,
Vice President

"There are so many places in DC where talk is mistaken for action. DCI is different. Our culture places a premium on making things happen and getting real results for our clients."

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What We Do

DCI Group helps corporations navigate their most challenging political, legislative and regulatory problems anywhere in the world.

Inevitably that means re-framing the issue, and defining it on more favorable terms. It also means finding allies – consumers, academics, 3rd party organizations, and other credible sources – to engage in a variety of different ways.

Finally, it means executing on the plan and making things happen. At DCI we’re do-ers, not mere advisers, and our ability to turn strategic thinking into real-time action is unmatched.

We are proud to have helped twenty-seven companies in the Fortune 100, as well as numerous trade associations and non-profit organizations, overcome the most significant policy and image threats to their business.