DCI Group is an independent public affairs consulting firm that specializes in public relations, crisis management, grassroots engagement, and digital advocacy. Our firm is widely acknowledged as the deepest and most sophisticated political network in the public affairs industry. We craft and execute winning strategies with speed and precision at the state, national, and international levels.


  • Dan Combs
  • It's important to get both the policy and the politics right on public issues. That's the sweet spot, and if you can occupy it your chances for success go up dramatically.

    Brian McCabeManaging Member

    Our network of more than 1,500 field consultants is best-in-class. Whether it's grassroots specialists or PR people or lobbyists, we assemble great teams for our clients.

    Susan ReichePartner

    We take complex issues and make them understandable, and we help ensure consumers understand how these issues impact them. This approach has been crucial to our success.

    Doug GoodyearManaging Member

    There is a great team environment at DCI. The minute we begin work for a new client, we assemble a team that's designed to fit exactly what our client needs.

    Paul RyanPartner
  • Jennifer Cutler
  • Doug Goodyear
  • Ryan Grillo
  • Tim Hyde
  • Jon Kemp
  • Brian McCabe
  • Christian Myers
  • Andrew O'Brien
  • Justin Peterson
  • Susan Reiche
  • Paul Ryan
  • Craig Stevens

Partnered in your success.

People often hire us because they’re on the defensive. We help our clients go on the offensive by finding better and more creative ways to help make their case, and our track record of winning is second to none.

– Justin Peterson, Managing Member

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