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Mark Szalay is Vice President of Technology at DCI Group where he is responsible for the digital, data and technology solutions that help solve clients’ issues and moves their thinking past traditional public relations channels. Mark has more than 25 years of experience working closely with senior executives building technology solutions for companies of all sizes from Fortune 50 companies to small start-ups.

Prior to joining DCI Group in 2013, Mark held executive roles with companies where he defined and delivered technology solutions that moved their digital businesses forward through innovative thinking and strong execution. The technology solutions he helped deliver formed the backbone for several successful organizations such as AOL, Columbia Energy and University Hospitals Health Systems. He also held executive and consultant level technical positions at Computer Task Group, Seneca One Finance and CentreTEK Solutions.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Process Management degree from Franklin University and a Master of Business Administration degree from University of North Carolina. Mark and his wife, Darby, live in Waterford, Virginia, with their two kids, Tad and Grace, where they are restoring a historic farmhouse where George Washington stayed when he was President.

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