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Kevin Ivers

Vice President

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Kevin Ivers is Vice President at DCI Group where he provides counsel to a range of DCI Group’s clients, drawing on over 25 years of experience in strategic communications and public policy.

He has been an integral part of many key client wins in a wide range of areas, including U.S. and global litigation support, disruptive technologies and innovation, sovereign debt and trade disputes, financial services and investor rights, health policy, civil rights, promoting democratic institutions abroad and combatting corruption. Since 2002, Kevin has also run many successful campaigns throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, deploying his expertise on the political and cultural dynamics that drive official actions in that region.

Kevin is a permanent resident of Brazil, a dual national of the United States and the Republic of Ireland and speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. He publishes a weekly newsletter over Substack, entitled StratComms.

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