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As a Founding Partner of DCI Group, Tim Hyde has helped oversee the explosive growth of the firm. His extensive knowledge of grassroots programs and corporate public-issues campaigns has ensured that DCI Group is always on the cutting-edge of public affairs methods and technology. He took special responsibility for several of DCI Group’s long-term high-tech clients.

Tim started his career in politics, working first as a research analyst in the Iowa General Assembly followed by posts at the Iowa Republican Party, including Executive Director.

Tim came to Washington in 1983 where he worked for two terms as the Deputy Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, then worked on the Pete DuPont presidential campaign as National Political Director.

Tim moved to North Carolina in 1988 where he worked in various public affairs positions for RJR Tobacco Company. In 1996, Tim took leave from RJR to be Coalitions Director for the Dole/Kemp Presidential Campaign (1996) where he helped start DCI Group, along with Tom Synhorst and Doug Goodyear in 1997.

A native of Iowa and graduate of the University of Iowa, Tim lives in Virginia with his wife Suzanne.

In recent years, Tim has had a parallel career as a fine-art photographer, with many publications to his credit, and is represented by galleries in Washington, DC, Virginia and California.

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