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Keith Newman

Senior Counselor

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Keith Newman has 15 years’ experience in British and European politics, specializing in European Union (EU) policymaking, political decision-making in European capitals such as Paris, Berlin and London, and executing multi-jurisdiction communications campaigns.  He serves as Senior Counselor to DCI Group, providing strategic counsel for the firm’s work in the European Union and United Kingdom.

Keith began his career as Political and Policy Advisor to Chris Heaton-Harris, a Member of European Parliament (MEP) and a British Conservative, where he led on legislative negotiations, political strategy, and efforts to amend and reform the EU’s Budget.

He has since deployed his experience and expertise to provide guidance and counsel to, among others, the southeast Asian palm oil sector, international aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, and multiple sovereign debt cases including Argentina (described by the Financial Times as ‘the trial of the century’).

Keith has served since 2017  as Expert-in-Residence on Public Affairs at St. Mary’s University in London, is a Trustee of the environmental charity British Conservation Alliance, and has worked or volunteered on multiple election campaigns for the U.K. Parliament, European Parliament, and U.S. Congress.

Keith holds a First Class Master of Arts degree from the University of Dundee in English Literature with a minor in political science, and a Legal Master’s Degree (LLM) from the University of De Montfort. He enjoys playing cricket and football (soccer!) in his spare time, and indulging his twin passions of German spatburgunder and Sarawak laksa.

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