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Keith Newman

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Keith Newman is a Vice President, leading DCI Group’s Brussels, Belgium office with a great team of international employees who share the DCI Group ethos. With over a decade of experience in British and European politics, he is focused on European Union (EU) policymaking and also political decision-making in EU member countries’ capitals.

Prior to joining DCI in 2011, served as Political and Policy Advisor to Chris Heaton-Harris, a Member of European Parliament (MEP) and a British Conservative, where he led on legislative negotiations, political strategy, and budgetary policy. Keith left the European Parliament in 2009, moving into a role as an advisor on EU public affairs. He worked for a Brussels-based public affairs firm and simultaneously co-founded a sports-focused NGO that advised sporting organizations across Europe.

Keith has served as Expert-in-Residence on Public Affairs at St. Mary’s University in London since 2017, and is considered an expert on EU policy, having advised, among others, the UK House of Lords. Keith has worked on three UK General Election campaigns, two European election campaigns, and two U.S. presidential campaigns.

Keith holds a First Class Master of Arts degree from the University of Dundee in English literature with a minor in political science, and a Legal Master’s Degree (LLM) from the University of De Montfort. Keith takes any opportunity to stretch his legs, including walking to work, playing football (soccer) and cricket, and always taking an aisle seat on aeroplanes.

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